Minimal iOS

Make your home screen, your own.
✅ 150+ custom icons, check icons list here or preview the icons
✅ 7 color themes to color match your iPhone (black, white, creme, yellow, green, purple, red)
✅ Free wallpapers for the themes
✅ Free updates forever, check latest release
✅ Free icon requests or new color themes, ask me on twitter
✅ Cheapest icon pack with multiple customizations

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How To Use

Method 1: Using Icon Themer (Recommended for iOS 14 - No Delay Opening Shortcuts App)

1. First thing first, open Settings > search and tap Shortcuts, make sure "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" enabled (don't worry, you can turn it off again later)
2. Open this link to Icon Themer Shortcut, and tap "Get Shortcut"
3. Scroll until bottom, tap "Add Untrusted Shortcut"
4. Download zip from your order page at Etsy, tap the search icon to open the file
5. Tap the zip to extract the images
6. Open Shortcuts App, tap Icon Themer and follow the instructions
7. Follow Icon Themer instructions to choose app, add icon, until finishing your icons and adding the iOS configuration (to add the final shortcut to the home screen)

Method 2: Using Shortcuts App (More Flexible and Better for Below iOS 14)

1. Download zip from your order page at Etsy, tap the search icon to open the file
2. Tap the zip to extract the images
3. Open Shortcuts app (use quick search)
4. Tap +
5. Tap Add Action
6. Search "Open App"
7. Tap Open App
8. Tap Choose
9. Search the desired app
10. Tap more (3 dots)
11. Tap Add to Home Screen
12. Tap the image and Choose File
13. Choose image inside the extracted folder
14. Set the app name as home screen name and tap Add
15. Set shortcut title and tap Done
16. Voila!

Preview Themes & Icons


What's the icon lists?

Uhh... I can't find the icons for the apps that I used :(

No worries! hit me up on twitter! I'll make sure to update it on the library in Gumroad after you purchase it. And check out the list for the next release.

Where could I get the latest updates?

If you already purchased on Gumroad, I'll make sure to email you the updates. But you could also check this page or follow the updates on twitter

Oh no is it iOS only? Do you release it to Android too?

Yep for now it's iOS only, but maybe you could use the images in Android or if you are interested just let me know maybe I'll find a way to release this icon pack in Android.

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